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CCTV Monitoring Bournemouth
CCTV monitoring Bournemouth can provide you with the peace of mind you need when you are away from your building for any length of time day and night. With modern technology you can easily be matched to the right bespoke system to suit your needs. Unlike older systems the CCTV does not only record to show you images of a break in after it has occurred to provide evidence to the police. It can be linked to intruder alarms so that both are activated and even controlled from a computer or sufficient device from anywhere in the world (through internet access). In real time you can see exactly what is going on and through PMS monitoring you won’t have to get on site if an alarm is triggered accidentally as they will do this for you.
Biometric finger print access systems
The biometric access systems use fingerprint technology to ensure your security is not compromised. Only those that have been added to the system with your permission will be able to gain access and should someone attempt to gain access that is not authorized, PMS will attend the site and you will have a recording of the attempt.
Automatic barrier systems
For added peace of mind automatic barrier systems can be triggered should someone unauthorized try to gain entry. There are different types available that can be triggered to keep an intruder inside until the relevant authorities arrive, keep them outside or even to stop a fire spreading out of control to other parts of the building minimizing damage.
Security lighting
Using the CCTV monitoring Bournemouth service by PMS in conjunction with security lighting will mean that no matter how dark it gets at night, the lights and cameras will be triggered by potential intruders to ensure there is nowhere to hide!
Video entry systems
If you are the only, or there are very few people within the building a call at the door can be unnerving. Having a video entry system can alleviate the panic as you can check who is calling without having to possibly put yourself in danger. Anyone claiming to be a repairman or official personnel can hold their identification up to the camera and will be more than happy to wait for you to check with their office before allowing entry.
Rather than having to walk from the other end of the building or delay entry to someone you wish to gain access you can, as soon as identified unlock the door from your seated position. This is also a great option for people that have limited mobility whether through disability or age. This system is not only great for security, but also to save you having to get up and answer the door to cold callers.
PMS CCTV monitoring Bournemouth ensures that all of their recommended devices are installed by qualified technicians, in addition to being maintained regularly for an ongoing reliable security service. Fire alarms set off can also trigger the CCTV monitoring so that you don’t have to run all the way to the office or home to find out someone has burned a piece of toast.

Bournemouth CCTV -Security company

CCTV Bournemouth security company CCTV Installation & Monitoring.


We offer bespoke security systems based in Bournemouth for residential and commercial customers, perfectly matched to your individual requirements. Our team of specialists will carry out a free no-obligation on-site assessment of your premises, to enable us to package the ideal security solution for you. If you would like to book an appointment in Bournemouth ,Dorset.

· A comprehensive range of CCTV systems from covert to PC based
· Security access control systems that can be combined with closed circuit television surveillance
· Video entry systems featuring built in cameras to allow for easy caller and visitor recognition
· Biometric finger print access systems for high security and domestic use
· Fire alarm systems compliant with current regulations
· Intruder alarms EN 50131 (BS 4737) standards
· Automated barrier systems including card and/or coded entry
· Security lighting both comprehensive and singular system
· Comprehensive service and maintenance of existing and new systems
· And many more security options

All of our security systems are professionally installed and maintained by qualified technicians, they are tailored to the specific requirements of your business or home providing the most reliable and cost effective solution to your needs.

Alarm systems from £459.00

CCTV systems from £599.00

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