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Mobile Patrols Bournemouth
Mobile Patrols Bournemouth provided by Premier Monitoring Services can ensure that your property, whether business or home is looked over while you are not there. They can patrol at specific times or make random drop ins so that potential vandals and thieves do not get used to the routine and stay away from your building. As well as covering individual properties they can also be hired to look over whole streets to ensure the safety of residents.
Rather than offering a one service to suit all needs, each user can decide on a mobile patrols Bournemouth routine or spot checks to suit them. Having someone check on the property periodically is a lot cheaper than hiring someone to watch it the whole time and with security technology any alarms set off will trigger immediate attention.
More than just security against crime
Although crime seems to be one of the biggest concerns for property owners, there are a few other potential problems that may be overlooked such as fire alarms and even security alarms which are only useful when someone is there to hear them go off. On a business park or industrial park it’s unlikely out of working hours that it would be heard. Regular mobile patrols Bournemouth will check to ensure the building is safe, therefore hear the alarm and check to see if there are any problems. With some systems you can have monitoring that goes directly to PMS or your own phone so that you can raise the alarm with the nearby company even if you are far away.
If you have CCTV systems, you will be able to check yourself to see if the alarm is a false one (which does happen) or something that needs immediate attention. If you use the key holding service, the mobile patrol personnel can check inside the building too without having to call out a member of staff for instant access. This is definitely peace of mind for people that use agency workers or do not want to take the risk of leaving keys with staff.
Service can include many things including checking for possible water damage in properties that have been vacant a while, signs of intrusion where constant monitoring is not necessary but damage by trespassers could prove expensive. Unoccupied properties, even empty of valuables can still have value to some such as copper piping theft, boilers, radiators and other metals that can be sold on.
Littering in many areas is now a finable offence, if you are not using the property for a period of time others may litter the exterior or apply graffiti to the walls. This is something that could make the area look unsightly and even insight charges or complaints if in an area others are occupying. Regular checks could bring this to your attention before it becomes a major problem.
Never again worry about leaving your property unattended when PMS mobile patrols Bournemouth can ensure its safety inside and out wherever you are in the world.

Mobile Patrols by Premier Monitoring

We can provide patrols of a property, at random or pre-arranged times, to act as a visible deterrent to any would-be troublemakers. Such patrols can be site specific, or we can also provide a local security presence to cover a number of properties and streets

We can provide thorough internal checks of your property. We tailor-make the service for each site to include other services such as reading meters, checking for water damage and reporting on any littering, graffiti or other criminal damage. At pre-arranged times, Premier Monitoring can arrange for your premises to be locked or unlocked, ensuring that the property is secure, whilst also removing any risks to members of staff holding keys out of hours.

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